Olivia Dyer is a songwriter, worship leader and visual artist living in Norfolk, Virginia. In 2011, she debuted her acoustic full-length album, "The Threshing Floor" (under her maiden name, Olivia Morgan), and in 2014 she released a single called "We Fell in Love". She currently focuses on solo projects, as well as co-writing and singing in Garland (a band comprised of friends Wynter Poe DePriest and Taylor Lee). Most recently, in January 2017, she released her second full-length album, "Time & Age", inspired by the concept of leaving childhood behind to embrace the bittersweet transition of entering adulthood.

Apart from solo endeavors, you can find Olivia featured on collaborative projects such as Burn 24/7's "Incense Rise" (2011), Big House Worship's "Hallelujah" (2012) and "Road Less Traveled" (2014). She's also been a part of projects with Adam Cates ("Nights at the Big House, Vol. 1 and 2", 2008, 2010) and Bethel Music artist Sean Feucht ("Messengers", 2014).


When she's not making music, Olivia is managing her online store (Bellwether Ink & Textiles), selling hand-crafted textile art, prints and paintings. 

























NOV 4 SAT         The Farm House: Songwriting Workshop & Concert                  Charlottesville, VA

NOV 7 TUES       House Show @ The Mansion                                                   Harrisburg, PA

NOV 8 WED         Life Center                                                                           Harrisburg, PA

NOV 10 FRI         House Show                                                                          Lynchburg, VA

NOV 12 SUN        Harvest House Church                                                           Boone, NC

NOV 13 MON       House Show w/ KC and Julie Clark                                          Charlotte, NC

NOV 14 TUES      House Show                                                                          Charleston, SC





My Life is Not My Own

by Olivia Dyer